The headlines are scary.

Every other day you read about some company getting hacked and you think, "Am I next?" It may seem inevitable, but don't throw your hands up just yet—we're here to help!

We offer Security Review and Penetration Testing services to proactively assess your resiliency to attacks and help you find and fix your weak spots. Our team simulates real world attackers, using the same tools, techniques, and mindset as a malicious adversary. We can act like hackers because we are hackers. We've been doing security research for over a decade, and we can see the world through the eyes of a skilled and determined intruder.

Our lead hackers, Alex and Mark, have years of experience* breaking things and breaking into things WITH PERMISSION. Our customers range from small businesses to multinational corporations, and civilian and military agencies. Our track record speaks for itself: we've found critical security flaws in every single engagement we've ever done, which we've then worked with our customers to fix or mitigate. Put us to the test and see if you can break our streak!

*We also have some of those letter jumbles like CISSP, CEH, OSCP, and ZUIWMK. Okay, that last one isn’t real, but beware the certification collectors. They are no substitute for hands-on experience.

Alejandro Caceres

Lead Assessor

Mark Haase

Senior Assessor

Carson Owlett

Penetration Assessor

Jason Hopper

Security Assessor


Our customers run amazing businesses,
and we are proud to help them stay safe and secure!
We choose Hyperion Gray because they don't just run the same commonly available scanning or static code analysis tools that we use. They are extremely talented and technically capable hackers. There is no other company that provides the same level of custom support and high competence.
Alex and his team are solid, professional and exceptionally talented people. We can always depend on Hyperion Gray to help keep us secure.
Thanks to their unique expertise, and well-understood rules of engagement, Alex and Mark were able to effectively assess our resiliency and security posture, and clearly translate potential security vulnerabilities into actionable solutions.

Balancing Act

In addition to our years of pen testing experience, we also perform cutting edge research with DARPA and IARPA on both the offensive and defensive sides of security.

Many pen testers spend too much time looking through the lens of the attacker, and they don't have the perspective of actually building products and services. Our experience as builders and breakers gives us a balanced, nuanced perspective on security. We understand that our recommendations must be practical and risk-based, rather than pedantic and rigid. We translate complex security vulnerabilities into tractable solutions, written in plain English, that security teams and business owners can understand. We help implement solutions that improve your defenses and reduce the risk of a costly breach. Rest assured that we will never make a recommendation to you that we would not implement in our own business.

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