Dark Web OSINT

Collection Analysis Visualization Intelligence

Dark web technology provides criminals with the veil of anonymity, blocking traditional digital investigation techniques. National security and law enforcement professionals need new tools and techniques to adapt to this new reality. Our work helps investigators:

  1. Map out the footprint of crime on the dark web
  2. Collect data from criminal domains
  3. Enrich and annotate data with other OSINT sources
  4. Automate tedious investigative steps with machine learning
  5. Visualize and analyze data to produce finished intelligence

We have built a suite of tools from the ground up, based on our dark web research and experiments, designed to empower investigators to fight digital crime on the dark web.

DARPA-Backed Research

In 2014, we began working on a DARPA R&D along with other performers from the private sector and academia. This program, known as Memex, focused on discovering, indexing, and analyzing information on the internet that is not available through mainstream search engines like Google or Bing.

The Memex program yielded a variety of research publications and new tools designed for searching and analyzing the deep web and dark web. These tools enabled new breakthroughs for law enforcement officers investigating crimes on the internet, including financial crime, drug sales, human trafficking, and child exploitation.

Our research has focused deeply on issues surrounding investigations on the dark web. In addition to public research projects like the Dark Web Map, we have also created a pipeline of tools to facilitate law enforcement investigations on the dark web. These tools are built from the ground up to address the challenges of dark web crimes and meet the unique needs of law enforcement agents.


Search engine, analysis, and visualization for dark web crime

Our capabilities have a proven track record of assisting with investigations of digital crime on the dark web. Avatar supports investigations into various types of crime, including:

  1. Violent Extremism
  2. Fake Documents
  3. Card and Data Theft
  4. Sex Trafficking
  5. Child Exploitation
  6. Illegal Arms Sales

Avatar is available to security and law enforcement users in the US and abroad.

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In addition to making these tools available for law enforcement use, we also conduct hands-on training sessions for dark web technology and investigative tools.

These classes are delivered at law enforcement conferences around the United States. Get in touch with us to find out when the next training will be held.

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