Dark Web Investigations Can Be Daunting

It sucks; we get it. You can't just subpeona a Tor node IP address, jurisdiction can be impossible to determine, and, let's be honest, the adversary has the technological advantage. The advent of privacy-preserving technologies like Tor has forced law enforcement to rethink their investigative strategies--and we're here to help. We've developed a multi-day, technical hands-on, LE-only training course that provides a new perspective on dark web investigations based on our expertise as dark web researchers, data scientists, and hackers. The goals of our course are to demystify the dark web, explore how offenders operate, and provide a hands-on introduction to how machine learning and offensive security techniques can be leveraged to help law enforcement regain the strategic advantage.

What The Course Covers

With the rise of the dark web as an investigatory priority, there are many primer courses that cover the topic from a high level. In our course, we assume you already know what "the Dark Web" is, and dive straight in to offender methodology and hands-on exercises. You will be in a Linux virtual environment running hacking tools and data science algorithms by the end of the first day, and by the end of the second day you will have taken over the world!!

Ok, maybe not that far, but you will feel pretty darn cool. We're not trying to turn you into hackers or programmers (that's a, uh, longer course...), but we just want to show you how these technologies can be game-changers in your arsenal of tools. Example course modules include:

  • an overview of dark web-specific offender methodology
  • an overview of tools and utilities that we and our colleagues have built during our work with LE
  • a look at how data science has enabled major advances in the counter-human trafficking space
  • a hands-on lab on how to perform your own ad hoc data collection
  • a review of the latest and greatest dark web research from academia
  • a hands-on lab on how to analyze dark web sites through the eyes of a hacker

The course is anchored in examples from the counter-child exploitation space, as this is our core mission area and passion project, but we also look at other DW investigative priorities as well. Also, while we briefly discuss OSINT (Open Source Intelligence)--this is not an OSINT course; there are so many great ones out there and we don't need to reinvent that wheel.

Meet the Trainers

Amanda Towler

Alex Caceres

Mark Haase

Luke Maxwell

All of our speakers have intimate knowledge of the subject matter covered in our trainings, as well as extensive experience with public speaking and training. You're giving up valuable time to take our course, and we don't take that for granted, so we strive to make it as engaging and valuable as possible for you.

Who Should Take Our Training

Due to the nature of the material, our training is LE-only. Our trainees typically include investigators, prosecutors, forensic examiners, and other law enforcement officers. On a case by case basis we admit trainees from the private sector who work closely with law enforcement.

Interested in a training?

Our desire through these trainings is to inform and equip Law Enforcement to better combat the ever-changing internet crime landscape with the most up-to-date information and technology. If you're interested in receiving or hosting a training, please fill out the form below.